3 Ways To Make Your Jackets Last Longer

Are you replacing ski jackets every year? Do you want to extend the life of your children’s snow gear? There are ways to take jackets beyond one season. If you wish to save money, be less wasteful, or love their current outerwear, you don’t have to commit to yearly replacements. Below are the top 3 ways to make kids’ outerwear last longer.

1. Sleeve Extension Jackets

Jacket manufacturers are catching up to the idea that kids grow fast. Some are integrating sleeve extension systems into the sleeves of their jackets. Most systems are easy to use and accommodate a mid-season growth spurt or next year’s extra inches.
Columbia promotes their “Outgrown” extend the system for children’s jackets and snow pants. They include a helpful video showing just how easy it is to add up to 1.5 inches to sleeves and pant legs. Turn the item inside out, snip the string, and stretch the fabric! You could almost trust your child to be able to handle that task. They offer several styles and colors for kids to choose from.
Burton also has a great sleeve extension jacket. Their “Room to Grow” system also expands sleeves and pant legs up to 1.5 inches. Like Columbia’s system, you release the string inside the sleeve or leg and extend the fabric.

2. Use Your Gentle Wash Cycle and Technical Detergent

I only wash my kids’ ski jackets a few times a year. Usually, midway through the season, I’ll run them through the wash to amp up the waterproofing. My kids ski hard and play hard, and their jackets show that.
I rewash them before storing at the end of the season. Washing at the end of the season prevents mildew and odor, and I get to unpack fresh, clean gear at the start of the next year. I use the coldest water setting my machine offers and wash them in a gentle cycle. The best detergent is gentle on the fabric but tough on stains and smells. I like Granger’s Performance Wash and Repel for all our winter gear. This product washes and re-waterproofs in one step. An added benefit is this is done without adding perfumes or chemical residues. It’s also water-based and eco-friendly, so I know my family is supporting a healthy environment.

3. Color and Design

Your kids need to be on board with this one. Encouraging them to choose colors and designs that will be on trend for more than one season or that can easily be handed down is key. For example, my younger daughter LOVED blue when frozen was all the rage. I was able to hand down my son’s blue jacket to her with no complaints. We picked out a pink helmet cover so that she had something new for the season that didn’t cost me as much as full replacement gear. We both won!
Buying new ski gear every year can be expensive and wasteful. With these top 3 ways to make kids’ ski jackets last longer, you’ll get years of use out of them, and they’ll still look great!