The ONE Ski Accessory We Can’t Be Without!

You invested in the best helmet with the most advanced technology possible. You've bought the longest wearing ski jackets and pants. Your family is flaunting the coolest goggles of the season. Everyone's hands are in the warmest gloves on the market. What else could there be? The Magnemask Combo Clava by Seirus is the one ski accessory you don't want to live without.
The Seirus Magnamask Combo Clava is a hood, face mask, and neck warmer in one. Made with Polartec neofleece, it's warm and comfortable. This Balaclava is designed to fit comfortably under hats, helmets, and other headgear. What makes it a must-have, though, is that it's the first balaclava ever to incorporate a magnetic seam face mask that you can simply pull down out of the way to talk, eat, and drink while on the slopes!
What does it mean for you?

1. No more foggy goggles!

When you replace the face mask on the Magnemask Combo Clava, it snaps into place along the magnetic seam integrated into the main hood. This ensures a snug fit for your face mask and keeps it right where it belongs. You don't have to struggle to pull it back and forth trying to get it just right. No gaps between the mask and the hood keeps your breath out from under your goggles or glasses for fog free skiing.

2. You can have comfortable conversations!

Imagine the noise of the gondola, the swish of skis in fresh powder, and a muffled, frustrated voiced coming out from under a traditional balaclava. A few hours of strained listening and trying to help my kids get their headgear back on straight, and I am exhausted. With the Magnemask Combo Clava, my kids, my husband, and I can all simply pull down the face mask, have our conversation, snap it back in place and be on our ways!

3. You can EAT and DRINK with it on!

We all know kids (and parents) needs snacks to stay happy and energized on the slopes. This product allows them to grab a drink of water or a snack without the annoyance of removing a face mask. By pulling the Combo Clava mask out of the way, it stays clean and dry, and kids don't have to worry about losing their mask. After their snack, they just "snap" it back into place at the magnetic seam in the hood.
Are there any drawbacks?
For my family, the only disappointment in the Seirus Combo Clava is that it isn't available in fun colors or vibrant patterns. We love adding pops of color to our winter gear, so having more choices for this product would be much more fun!
The one ski accessory you don't want to live without for this and future seasons is the Magnemask Combo Clava by Seirus.