Why Use A Helmet Cover?

My son is wearing the AYAMAYA helmet cover. This was the end of our ski day in late December. The sun was beginning to set but he stood out!


Ski hills get busy. Trying to wrangle kids for lunchtime or to go home gets frustrating when you have to spend several minutes combing the crowds for your family members. Wouldn’t it be great to look up to the chair lift or out onto a crowded slope and spot your child at once? Enter: helmet covers. Helmet covers are inexpensive and save a ton of time and frustration on family days at the ski hill.

Just like picking out unique or brightly colored jackets, helmet covers make kids easy to find no matter how busy the slopes are. I like to help my children choose vivid colors and patterns, so they stand out as much as possible. They love all the fun options, and I love knowing I won’t have to spend 30 minutes finding them all before we can start lunch. These ski accessories are quite affordable, so buying for the whole family is easy on our budget.

One of my favorite covers is my son’s neon yellow one which is pictured above. It’s got reflective strips and is waterproof. This cover keeps snow, wind, dust, and dirt outside of his helmet and keeps his head nice and dry in snowy or rainy conditions. It doubles as a bike helmet cover in the summer. We love high visibility and safety in all our sports and activities, so the coloring and reflective strips are perfect. I did have to cut a hole in the back for his ski goggles strap but it is still a pretty good fit for both his helmets.

Another good option is this one from Crazeeheads. Fun for kids and adults, the Hankster the Prankster helmet cover has a ton of bright colors and fun bells. We can hear and see our kids coming! These covers are made to fit most helmet sizes from children’s XXS to adult’s XXL. A little higher priced, the fun is worth the extra expense!

Covers from Tail Wags are way fun for little kids on the slopes! Choose from animal shapes like unicorns and fish or Spiderman style and Gladiator helmet covers. Tail Wags offers custom helmet covers too. Send in your logo or design, and they’ll create exactly what you need.

One final brand our family loves is Parawild. These are more accessory than helmet cover but have a ton of cool designs that attach easily to a helmet and can be removed without damage. Choose from animal ears, mohawk styles, and even shark fins to have unique, expressive additions to your family’s safety gear. You won’t have a problem spotting your “frog eyed” little person heading up the tow rope!

Helmet covers are a fun, inexpensive way to add flair to your kids’ (and your) snow gear. Some covers add safety features like high visibility tape and colors, while others add a huge splash of fun! With universal sizing, these products can easily be used for multiple years or passed down to younger family members.